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Custom SEO Site Audit

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  Ultimate SEO Custom Site Audits are a unique in-depth tool that is essential to many organization’s competitive edge.  In this post I’m including a recent audit completed for a client to provide an example of the audits we offer in the SEO store.    Audit Example Hits: 0
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Is A Site Low Level? DA vs CF vs TF … DR, DS, AS, TS and more!

What to do with a low ranking site?
I was asked a seemingly simple question by a client today. Should low level sites he owns be scrapped and used for their backlinks by 301 redirecting the sites.
Simplest Answer: I think it’s hard to quantify if a site is low level.
Ultimateseo.org has a DA 19, that seems pretty low. But keep in mind it used to be a DA 40 before Moz changed it’s scoring. Keep also in mind that change in scoring showed no reflection in the site’s ranking. I recommend 301 redirecting based on anchor text
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